UKLRG to launch new climate board

UKLRG to launch new climate board

The rebranded UK Roads Leadership Group (UKRLG) has announced plans to create a new climate change board as part of its core working groups.

The influential leadership group – formerly called a liaison group due to its role in connecting central government guidance and policy with the wider sector – has outlined the need for a wider approach to resilience.

Under its administrative function for UKRLG, the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation said the group will ‘investigate how to tackle the effects of climate change and reduce disruption on our roads’.

Highways understands the announcement follows a six-month strategic review process for UKRLG, which included consideration of its future direction.

The terms of reference for the Climate Change Board are being developed by the Department for Transport and are yet to be confirmed, but the mission statement from the CIHT said it will look to ‘address and overcome’ climate change issues.

Justin Ward, head of policy and technical practice, suggested it could also support work to inform and support the business cases for resilience investment.

He wrote: ‘When faced with a changing climate, future spending reviews may require more investment to ensure our transport networks are resilient to the challenges ahead – and across all seasons.

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