Message from the Chair

Chris Cranston, NWSRG Chair

We are living in unusual times now but the work of highways departments across the country goes on as we continue to provide essential services and keep networks as safe as we can.

The NWSRG has been busy working to complete the current work on updating the national best practice guidance, as well as considering our structure to ensure the group is ready to face future challenges and focus on advancing the field by developing our programme of applied research.

Guidance documents
I am pleased to report that all the sections included in the current work have been completed and all now approved with the exception of the Footways and Cycleways section, which is about to be submitted to the UKRB along with a new Foreword.

Website and IHE
The Steering Group have recently agreed an SLA with the IHE to undertake secretariat duties and look after the NWSRG finances that will provide significant cost savings.

The Steering Group have unanimously agreed a new constitution which seeks to bring more democracy to the group as well as updating.

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