Annual General Meeting

The Steering Group has recently set a date for the Annual General Meeting as Thursday 18th March at 2pm and will be sent out as a Teams invite. Please reserve this date in your diary.

We are coming to the end of our current  business plan and will be looking to create a new one for the next few years so please get involved and submit your ideas. Over the past four years the NWSRG has:

  • Completed the update to the NWSRG Guidance which has delivered a well presented simplified and relevant suite of documents that is easier for  practitioners to use, and completed additional sections not previously published. This has been through excellent collaboration between members, the TAG group and professional experts
  • Encouraged practitioners to embrace  the new guidance through workshops, articles and presentations at various conferences, and culminating in the introduction of a Highways Award for Winter Service to showcase authorities that have used the guidance to improve their winter service
  • Updated the Constitution to be more relevant
  • Improved and provided more cost effective support to the NWSRG through the services of the IHE
  • Developed a new website for the NWSRG
  • Developed further areas of winter service research
  • Maintained a solvent organisation through challenging economic times
  • Good partnering relationships between key organisations including the Met Office, IHE and Hemmings Group to name but a few
  • Benefitted from a new funding stream from the DfT

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