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Membership & Subscriptions

Industry Associates

Industry Associates comprise industry manufacturers, material suppliers and service providers (i.e providers of services to the industry rather than providers of winter service delivery to owners and operators). They are expected to assist the group in the delivery of it's stated aims by providing technical support, equipment, resources and/or materials.
  • Member Benefits:
  • Input into the further development and update of the Winter Service national best practice guides
  • Participation in expert working groups to develop new practical guidance
  • Access to a rapidly growing network of LHA winter service practitioners, industry suppliers, national government and private sector bodies
  • Engagement with other transportation sectors: Network Rail, Aviation, Private Sector Gritting companies, Academia
  • Be part of the development of the NWSRG Business Plan and input / shape our future research program
  • Support our partnership with LCRIG to extend our reach to local Highway Authorities, develop webinars and conferences as well as responding to winter service enquiries from LCRIG members
  • Be part of a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for winter service and an exciting future for the NWSRG
  • Access to the NWSRG website and its members area.

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Industry Associates