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NWSRG Work Programme

Plan for NWSRG Phase 3  Work Programme

The NWSRG set out a work programme for Phase 3 in early 2010, prior to the NWSRG Steering Group coming under the UK Roads Board. The vision for this programme was to produce a comprehensive practical guide for winter service delivery in the UK. The purpose was to update existing guidance from NWSRG and others and to provide further information  to help deliver a more economical service based  on the latest research and information available. The ambition and vision for this work was set out in this leaflet which was updated in 2012 to reflect changes to the NWSRG structure and governance - Practical Winter Service Guidance, Best Practice and Applied Research October 2012

Current NWSRG Work Programme

The programme of work is set by the NWSRG Steering Group to align with the overall objectives of the UK Roads Board. The details of the forward work programme can be viewed at National Winter Service Research Group Business Plan.

As noted above, the Phase 3 Work Programme was originally developed in 2010 prior to the NWSRG linking to the UK Roads Board and the NWSRG Steering Group becoming a sub-group to the UKRB. (See About NWSRG and NWSRG History for more details)